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Scouts and Guides & NCC/ NSS

Indian Scout And Guide:

1.      2 girls and 26 boys passed TRITYA SOPAN.

2.      For State Prize, 2 boys and 2 girls selected.

3.     4 Students are selected for PRESIDENT AWARD

4. Mr. C.P Singh Yoga Teacher, Mrs. Anita Saxena TGT (Maths)have been trained at KV Muzaffarnagar for Advance Training of Scout and guide.

 Mr. Jaswant Singh TGT (Maths) and Miss . Mamta Rani

TGT (Maths) has been trained at  KV Muzaffarnagar for Basic course of Scout & Guide.

 Dr. Surabhi PRT and Mrs. Kiran Morebhatt PRT have been trained at KV Delhi Cantt No.2 for Basic of Scoutt & Guide.