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CMP -Initiatives( Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya. Updated as on 17.08.2017)

No Month Initiative Class Learning Objective initially envisaged Learning Objective realized or not Name of Teacher/Incharge
1 April School readiness program (6 weeks) I

To be familiar with school environment.

To inculcate good habits.





2 April Time Table I-V Child friendly time-table Yes Ms.P.Rawat
3 April Orientation Program I PTA meeting was conducted to promote better understanding of school curriculum. Yes Principal, HM and all class teachers of I & subject teachers also.
4 April CCA (As per schedule) I-V To develop the skills and creativity among the students. Yes All primary teachers.
5 April Preparation of TLM I-V Enhancement of understanding Yes


All Primary Teachers

6 May-June Morning Assembly III-V To develop confidence and personality Yes All primary teachers
7 May-June CCE I-V Continous Comprehensive Yes All primary teachers
8 May-June Planning for Saturday's activities I-V Subject Committee meeting held. CCE classes taken by IC/HM Yes All Primary
9 July Checking of note books I-V To improve the correction work Yes HM
10 July Monitoring of class room teaching I-V For qualitative improvement of the teachers Yes HM
11 July Medical checkup I-V For good health and fitness Yes Doctor & Nurse
12 August PTA Meeting I-V To bring forward the academic measures for improvement of a child Yes All primary teachers
13 August Sports activities III-V Training for CMP sports meet Yes All Primary Teachers
14 September Swachh Bharat Abhiyan III-V Neatness Yes All Primary Teachers
15 September Tree Plantation III-V Save Trees Yes All Primary Teachers
16 September PTA Meeting I-V To bring forward the academic measures for improvement of a child. Yes All Primary Teachers
17 October Community Lunch I-V It was organised to develop good food habits & avoiding wastage of food. Yes All Primary Teachers
18 October 2016 Bhajan Singing I-V To bring out the hidden talent among children. Yes HM, CCA(I/C), House    Masters.
19 October 2016 Rangoli Competition I-V To make them understand the importance of festivals. Yes ------do------
20 November 2016 Fancy Dress Competition I-V To develop confidence and personality. Yes ------do------
21 December 2016 Mini Sports Day I-V To make them understand the importance of fitness and to develop team spirit. Yes All PRTs
22 January 2017 Quiz Competition I-V Enhancement of understanding Yes All PRTs
23 April 2017 Annual Function I-XII To bring out hidden talents of students. Yes All Teachers
24 June 2017 Hindi Calligraphy I-V To improve handwriting Yes All Teachers
25 July 2017 Best out of waste I-V To make best use of waste material Yes All Teachers
26 July 2017 Rakhi Making I-V To develop sense of brotherhood Yes All Teachers
27 Aug 2017 Exhibition I-V To explore the talent among students Yes All Teachers
28 Aug 2017 Patriotic Song Competition (Independence Day Celebration Week) I-V To inculcate feelings of patriotism Yes All Teachers
29 Aug 2017 Prabhat Fery with banners and students dressup as freedom fighters III-V To celebrate Independence day in campus Yes Teachers of classes 3-5